Chesterfield County Asphalt Paving and Patching

Chesterfield County Asphalt Paving & Patching

Asphalt paving, finishing, overlay, and new installation services, can greatly enhance the appearance of a parking lot instantaneously. If there’s damage, chipped or cracked asphalt, potholes, or other visible eyesores on your property, Chesterfield Paving can help! We’re a fully licensed, bonded, and insured installation and repair company, offering a wide range of asphalt and concrete services to customers in Chesterfield VA.

Services for Local Residential and Commercial Customers

Our team of technicians perform a wide range of repair, installation, and finishing services. Some of the work we can do includes

  • Installation of a new driveway, parking lot, or entryway
  • Asphalt paving to finish a surface that’s not completely level
  • Asphalt overlay, which is a process of applying a new layer of asphalt to a deteriorating surface
  • Asphalt patching and asphalt repair, to areas in a parking lot or concrete which are severely damaged
  • Sealing and bonding work
  • Sidewalk repair or patchwork

Regardless of the size of the new installation or repair services, we have a team in place for both residential and commercial service needs when you call us.

Why Choose Different Service Options?

There are any number of reasons you’ll choose to have asphalt overlay work done, rather than completely removing and installing a new parking lot. With deteriorating surfaces, overlay finishes are durable, they’ll strengthen the surface, and it’s more affordable than installing an entirely new parking lot. Asphalt repair comes in many forms. If it’s just a small patch that’s damaged, there’s no need to remove the foundation and level a larger section. And, in some instances, you’ll need to completely remove damaged cement, level, sand, install, and seal a parking lot or other concrete surfaces. If major damage has ensued, this might be the approach you’ll choose outside your home or business in Chesterfield VA.

Regardless of the type of services you’d like us to perform, we complete a full assessment of your property, and the damaged areas, to better understand the work you’d like us to perform. Our trained and licensed contractors will provide you with the details you need, answer your questions, and even provide you with their opinion, on the best approach to take for improving the asphalt or cement that’s damaged, and you need repaired. We aren’t going to try to oversell you or tell you that you need to gut the entire parking lot, if it is not necessary!

Why Choose Us?

Our team is honest, we have a solid reputation in Chesterfield VA, and we’ve been servicing the local community for years. You can trust our contractors, you can rely upon our suggestions, and you can trust that we’re providing you with an affordable price quote, for all services you are considering completing with our team.

Call us today at 804-409-2471 for all asphalt paving, asphalt repair, or new installation service needs. We offer free service quotes for home and business owners in Chesterfield VA, so don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, or to schedule your consultation with our licensed technicians to visit your property today.