Pothole Repair, Crack Fills, Asphalt Repair in Chesterfield County

Pavement and Asphalt Repair in Chesterfield County, Virginia

f you have a lot of troubles with a crumbling and cracked driveway, then asphalt might be the option that you want. In fact, it is increasingly becoming a cost-effective and flexible material for new structures. Along with concrete, asphalt is often used by many professional contractors for different projects. If you are planning to build a new driveway, then this guide will show you all the necessary information to know.

Overview of asphalt paving

Asphalt driveway, also known as hot mix, is similar to what people often see road contractors doing on the roads. It is basically a combination of sand, stone, and asphalt, a material that is made from petroleum. Asphalt is liquefied under the heat of more than 300 degrees. Contractors need to work with it quickly before the mix would liquify. Though homeowners would reseal and repair a hole or crack in their asphalt driveway, it is better to have the job done by a professional contractor.

Concrete versus asphalt driveways

There are reasons why asphalt is a better material for your driveway than other options. Firstly, it is often cheaper and more affordable to build a new asphalt structure. This includes the costs of materials and labors. Asphalt is also more flexible than other materials, thus reducing the risk of cracks or breaks. People in cold regions often choose this option as it is less vulnerable to damages caused by ice melt or rock salt. Even when there are any problems, homeowners can fix them easily with several simple tools. However, it is still better to hire a professional contractor.

Possible options for asphalt paving bases

The quality of a base plays an important role in the performance of an asphalt driveway. An unstable surface would lead to many issues over time. In general, there are 3 options to choose from:

  • Remove the old driveway and pave on an aggregate base
  • Remove the old driveway and pave on the soil
  • Install paving on an existing driveway

The first method is the most common option as it would ensure long-lasting stability and durability.

Best time for asphalt installation

The process of hot mixing asphalt paving depends on warm temperatures to ensure the conditions are workable. Thus, summer and spring are often the ideal time for asphalt repairs or installation. The colder the temperature is, the less time a contractor needs to work. If there is not sufficient time, the driveway might become irregular, uneven, or bumpy. Overall, it is not recommended to install an asphalt driveway in the winter.

The bottom line

Asphalt is undoubtedly one of the best options for pavements or driveways. It is durable, affordable, and versatile. If you are looking for a professional contractor for pavement repair or asphalt repair in Chesterfield, VA, then do not contact us at 804 – 409 – 2471 to get free quotes and consultation. We have a team of experienced experts who would meet most of your needs in different driveway services, such as pothole repair, crack fills, chip seals, and overlays. Call us now and you will get the best service!